Too Much Information – Data Overload should not be the point of steps challenges

There are a lot of ways to track your steps these days with a variety of different hardware and apps available that let you count and track steps on a daily basis. While there is a lot of raw data out there is surprisingly little in the way of stats available to help people understand their achievement.

How many steps you have taken, how many calories have been burned, how many minutes you have been active; all of this information is useful as raw data and is helpful and insightful in letting you know exactly how active you have been over a period of time. For many of our app and hardware partners this raw data is a core part of their positioning and are very good at breaking down this information for consumers. Where this information lacks however, is in imparting meaning to the steps that have been taken.

Of course, it goes without saying that taking steps challenges means that you must cover a certain distance in order to have a chance of winning. There is, however, a different way to approach these challenges which is where we differ from the traditional way of tracking steps.

Building healthy habits

The Cardio Legend Steps App is not all about stats. We take the discussion away from raw data to create meaningful discussion around the achievement factor itself. Whether that is taking a daily challenge for the chance to win a reward, betting your girlfriend or roommate or being the best out of your group of friends or colleagues The Steps App is all about the challenge and the reward.

While stats are essential in breaking down your progress stats in themselves are not interesting. Our aim is to help users to build sustainable and healthy fitness habits by taking the focus away from the act of tracking steps to making a game out of steps challenges. It is the entertainment factor that separates the Steps App from other steps trackers.

Accept the challenge: Avoid Data Overload

The reasoning behind this difference in approach to tracking steps is a straightforward one. By shifting the focus on the goal rather than the act of taking and tracking steps we are bring a more personal focus to steps challenges.

When people are faced with so much information, so many numbers and so much raw data in terms of steps tracking it can become a little overwhelming or worse, cease to become useful. The data overload experience is something which many fitness app users face. Being able to understand and process so much data is counter-productive to fitness and can become the focus rather than the tool. For us, this is not the point of getting fit and so we avoid data overload by concentrating on the challenges themselves at the core focus of our fitness apps.

We believe that by creating challenges that appeal to everyday situations such as competing with your partner for the amount of steps taken in a day rather than participating in ultimately meaningless distance challenges increases the fun factor and thereby also increases the chance of developing positive and life-long habits.

Building healthy fitness habits can only happen when a person is focused and has the right attitude towards fitness. While we still incorporate stats into our platform the most important aspect of the Steps App is the fact that we keep users interested and engaged. Make Data overload a thing of the past and let’s bring the fun back to fitness.

Find out more about Cardio Legend and the Steps App and our suite of engaging challenges that help keep users motivated and you to build healthy habits that other fitness apps can’t.

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