Earn your reward – making the most of brand’s interests in you

We are all consumers of something and whether we are into clothes, books, food, music, kitchen utensils, tech or cars we all have our favourite brands. Some brands are new, some may be older but no matter what industry your favourite brands are they all have one interest in common…you.

That’s right, you. And this fact tends to escape some people for not realising how valuable and how sought after you are by brands. Consider a trip to the local supermarket for instance – in every aisle you have a wide variety of different products and brands competing for a spot in your shopping cart. Putting aside any special offers which brand would you pick? Companies spend millions of dollars yearly on brand ads to entice consumers and increase their brand recognition. No matter how powerful the branding and advertising is you have the ultimate power of control in ultimately choosing which brands go in your shopping cart and brands are always looking for an edge to stay connected with their customers.

It used to be that TV was the medium brands would use to connect with consumers, then it was the internet but then the internet went mobile and brands are now connecting with us on our cell phones, tablets and wearable devices – all for pride of place in our personal ‘carts’.

And in the mobile age it is consumers who have the advantage when it comes to getting brands’attentions.

Connect to gain

With more engagement focal points than ever before it is more important than ever for brands to be able to connect with consumers and engage with them. Apps therefore, are the latest gateway for brands and our most used apps can be seen as bridges between brands and consumers.

Fitness apps are among the most used apps out there as they are not only used on a daily basis but on multiple occasions throughout the day by. They are, as such a great place for brands to connect with consumers but this works both ways too and fitness app users can use this to their advantage.

At Cardio Legend we believe in real-world rewards, not just achievement badges for hitting milestones. Why not earn real-world rewards for walking more steps than a friend or a colleague? With the Steps App you can, so while you are trying to win your steps challenge within your group of friends you can also win a gift card from Starbucks, Best Buy or a number of other partner organisations. Tangible rewards not only increase engagement with brands and consumers they also help to boost fitness and make winning challenges worthwhile. Achievements in challenges are rewarded by getting free gifts from your favourite brands.

We have partnered with a number of large and recognizable brands on our platform and we offer users a chance to compete in challenges in order to be rewarded with gifts from these brands. Because our brand partners are brands that you would likely use anyway use it to your advantage and get rewarded for getting fit!

If you’re looking to increase your fitness through tracking steps use the Cardio Legend Steps App and see what happens.

Find out more about Cardio Legend and the Steps App as well as see which organisations partner with us to bring you tangible rewards for winning fitness challenges.

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