Fitness Marketing and when enough is enough

Living healthily is not merely a suggested way of life it is the objective we are taught to pursue from an early age. We hear it from when we are kids through often repeated phrases such as “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” And while apples are not the all-powerful and magical fruit that this saying seems to suggest the reasoning is, at least, sound. Eat healthily and keep fit and you will be less likely to fall ill.


This is when we are kids. As we get older we still tend to hear the same thing in a variety of different ways but it all amounts to the same thing. We need to eat right, sleep well and exercise. If we do this we’ll be happier, healthier and live longer. What’s not to love?


Except that we don’t love it, do we?


We hear these words again and again until they become either meaningless, annoying or we perform our exercise routine out of some kind of wilful obligation because it has been drilled into us for so long. This kind of ‘fitness marketing’ if we can call it that is everywhere and, quite frankly, it is counterproductive to helping people want to live that healthy lifestyle it advertises. The monotony, incessancy and sheer amount of this ‘marketing’ has the effect of weighing us down.


Does all this make exercise sound like fun?


Thought not.


Build healthy habits out of joy not obligation


Keeping fit and healthy should not be an obligation but something that all people should genuinely strive towards. However because we hear about healthy living so much it can become like you are towing the line rather than doing something for yourself.


Whatever your fitness level we all still succumb to these repeated phrases and the notion that keeping fit and being healthy is something that we must so as opposed to something that we want to do for our own personal benefit.


The idea behind building healthy habits is to make fitness run. We use the phrase ‘fitness routine’ often to describe fitness in our daily lives and while fitness should indeed be regular it should definitely not be dull or mundane.


We do this by shifting focus back on to the individual and their goals. We can achieve so much more when we want to do something, not just because someone has told us to do it. This is true in keeping fit as much as it is about many other aspects of life. If someone wants to do something or if they have a goal and a desire to work towards then they will be much more likely to achieve it than if it was simply a task that has been set. In other words, we are more likely to feel better and do better at something that we want to do rather than something that we have to do.


It is this removing of the idea of obligation surrounding fitness and the bringing back of the joy and fun and fitness that is at the heart of our platform.


Enjoy fitness and reap the rewards


Many people do not follow any sort of fitness regime, not because they are lazy or have little time but simply because there is nothing in it for them. They have been told that ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ but by the time they reach adulthood they understand that this, and many other phrases like it must be taken with a large pinch of salt. It is not quite rebelling against the voice of reason but when the voice of reason is so repetitive it can be hard to garner any kind of hankering for fitness at all.


And those that are fit can reach a plateau very quickly and find themselves having more off days than they would like simply because the rewards are not there for them. Whether that reward is shedding a few pounds or achieving a particular fitness goal like hitting a PB for instance, the fact remains that when the joy goes from fitness it is hard to get it back.


Our platform provides a paradigm shift from this established status quo of fitness and we believe that by shifting focus and bringing joy and tangible rewards back to fitness we can help people to raise their games and achieve their fitness goals.


Cardio Legend stands firmly against the humdrum, unchanging world of fitness as it has been before. Let’s revolutionise fitness.


Get ready to join the fun.

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